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BID Renewal Ballot – 2021-2026


As a Business Improvement District (BID), we are required to ballot our levy paying businesses every five years, with our second term ballot taking place between March 4th – March 31st.

We have listened to your views and have developed new and exciting projects that will help strengthen our business community and develop the town as a destination, whilst also improving its appearance, appeal and welcome to visitors – see our Business Plan below.

We are also aware that the COVID-19 restrictions are likely to be with us for some time, so as well as these new initiatives, we will continue to provide support and resources to local businesses for as long as they are needed.

We have learned a lot in our first term and managed to achieve a great deal. With the foundations we have now put in place and our increased understanding of your business needs, a ‘Yes’ vote from you would allow us to continue our support and services, and work with you to deliver a brighter future for Aberystwyth.

Our 5 year Proposal 2021-2026

Why Vote Yes?

  1. As a levy payer, you will be able to receive numerous tangible benefits. These include: COVID-19 resources, rewards from shop local initiatives, outdoor furniture, cleaning initiatives (e.g. gutter clearing), business training courses and networking events, cost saving opportunities, advertising opportunities, and more.
  2. We will deliver major projects that will help increase footfall within the town and as a result boost trade for your business, including festivals and visitor attractions.
  3. We will deliver projects that will improve the look of the town, making it a more welcoming and appealing place to live, work and visit.
  4. Your levy will be pooled together with around 400 other businesses meaning we can deliver projects which make a real positive difference to the town and your business.
  5. Your BID / Your Projects – we work on behalf of businesses. As a result, you can have a say on what projects we deliver. Just let us know what projects you would like to see, and we will do our best to make sure they happen.

A ‘No’ vote would mean all of our existing support, projects and services would end immediately and the new projects outlined in our plan would not be delivered. There is no replacement organisation that will deliver this work, which means all the projects we have delivered in the past, and what we aim to deliver in the future will be lost.

Key Dates

Ballot Closing Date: 5pm, March 31st, 2021








For more details about the BID, our 5 year proposal and renewal ballot, contact Advancing Aberystwyth Manager, Matthew Newbold:

Tel: 07586 833249