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Our Project Proposals – 2021-2026


Over the next five years, we aim to maintain and build on the work we have done and provide an even more tangible return to businesses by enhancing the trading environment, the experience of visiting Aberystwyth, and generating direct benefits to our business members.

We will also work to provide leadership and representation to champion businesses within the town and ensure a strong voice on the issues which needs addressing.

After analysing our consultation survey responses from businesses, we’ve identified three themes which summarise your priorities for the BID’s second term:

  • Welcoming & Enhancing
  • Promoting & Developing
  • Supporting & Representing

#Note – we will also continue to provide COVID-19 Support for as long as it is required

Welcoming & Enhancing

We will develop major projects which will significantly improve Aberystwyth as a destination and encourage visitors to explore all areas of the town helping to spread footfall and spend. Projects will include:

  • Developing a major visitor attraction that will put the town on the map and attract a new audience e.g. Aber Zip Wire
  • Delivering a major Winter attraction e.g. Ice Rink & Winterland in a new location.
  • Delivering high quality festivals and events celebrating local culture, music, food and language

Enhancing the appearance of the town centre is a key priority for businesses. We will continue to provide additional services over and above the Council’s statutory services. Projects will include:

  • Cleaning services (e.g. Gutter Clearing)
  • Improve look and quality of furniture
  • Empty Shop projects
  • Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour reduction schemes
  • Seagull proof bags/bins

We will ensure that visitors to the town will have an enjoyable experience by improving accessibility and connectivity. Projects will include:

  • New Town Guide (print & digital)
  • Parking initiatives and awareness raising
  • Park & Ride service
  • Digital Connectivity

Promoting & Developing

We will work with key partners to promote Aberystwyth across the UK and beyond. Projects will include:

  • Inbound Tourism Marketing Strategy
  • Build on Aber App and website and promote nationally and internationally
  • Provide a activities that extend the main peak season

We will promote businesses directly through:

  • Social media channels, Aber App, marketing campaigns and events
  • Shop Local campaigns e.g. ‘Siop Aber – Caru Aber’ Loyalty Card & Gift Voucher’

We will develop our town centre through:

  • Creating outdoor seating areas
  • Develop the Prom and improving its capacity to hold events
  • Working with Council to ensure Paddling Pool site is developed
  • Develop a Christmas Market
  • Working with Council to improve Crazy Golf facility

Supporting & Representing

Providing direct marketing and advertising support to businesses. Projects will include:

  • Social Media advertising
  • Support to attend events
  • Business Start-Up support and advice

Providing cost saving schemes directly to businesses through:

  • COVID-19 resources
  • Outdoor furniture
  • BID buying power savings on energy bills

Providing business training and networking opportunities

  • Accredited training programme
  • Business Networking programme 

Provide a voice for businesses 

  • Carry out consultations and feedback influence local and national policies
  • Representing businesses on numerous strategy groups

Major Projects

As well as the projects listed above, we will also plan to deliver major projects as part of the funding we have from the Mill Street Development Fund. Click here for more information.