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What happens if it’s a ‘No’ Vote


With the support of businesses in the ballot, we will be able to build on the work we have delivered in recent years, to provide more projects and services for our business community over the next 5 years helping the town grow and recover from the current pandemic.

If the BID Renewal is unsuccessful, all of Advancing Aberystwyth’s projects and services will stop immediately, and the new ideas outlined in our new 5 year plan would not be delivered. There is no replacement organisation that will continue with this work and the town and the businesses will not benefit from all of the current and future projects listed below.

Aberystwyth and it’s businesses would lose and miss out on…

  • COVID-19 Resources and Support

  • Siop Aber – Caru Aber Loyalty Card & Gift Voucher

  • Bigger & Better Ice Rink & Winterland in a new location

  • New Major Tourist Attraction – Aber Zip Wire

  • Tourism Open Top Bus Park & Ride

  • New Town Guide

  • Empty Shop Projects

  • CafĂ© Quarters

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • New Festivals & Events programme

  • Business Training Courses

  • Business Networking Events

  • Shop local campaigns


  • Cleaning Town Projects e.g. Gutter Clearing and resources for ‘Caru Aber’ volunteers

  • New Seagull Proof Bins/ Bags

  • New Crime Reduction and Anti-Social Behaviour Schemes

  • Aber App

  • Town Wifi

  • Business Start Up projects

  • Fiver Fest

  • Cost Saving Scheme

  • Parking offers

  • Outdoor Cinemas

  • Footfall Data

  • New Shop Trails – e.g. Easter Hunt

  • Industry Qualifications

  • External Funding and Grants for the town

  • New Inflatable Waterpark

  • Funding for external projects and events e.g. Comedy Fest

  • Color Run

  • Business Advertising

  • New Christmas Market

  • Voice for Businesses

  • Prom Developments

  • New UK Marketing & Tourism Campaign

  • Town Flags & Bunting

  • Shop Front Christmas Trees

  • Event Support for businesses e.g. free stalls