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Our first ever Fiver Fest proved to be a great success with around 50 local independent businesses taking part.

The 2 week festival between October 10th-24th helped us to celebrate the fabulous local independent shops we have in Aberystwyth.

Manager Matthew Newbold “We’re delighted that so many businesses took part and it was great to see the variety of unique special £5 offers that they put together.”

The aim of the campaign was to highlight the importance of shopping local and supporting local business, and Advancing Aberystwyth will now be building on this success to deliver future ‘shop local’ campaigns. “We will now be building on this project to deliver a new campaign unique to our town – ‘Siop Aber – Caru Aber’! This shop local loyalty campaign will be launched in mid November with the aim being to encourage shoppers to collect stickers from shops where they have spent at least £10 – when they collect 5 stickers, they will receive a £20 Aber Gift Voucher.