Town Footfall

A key benefit of our Town Wifi system is that it provides us with valuable footfall data.

The system includes 12 ‘Access Points’ in key footfall areas across the town providing a footfall count in a 24 hour period of every single person with a mobile device (regardless of whether or not they log-on to our Wifi). This enables us to monitor hourly / daily trends and behaviour in terms of footfall, as well as monitor and evidence the impact of key dates and events. 

This data will also helps us monitor how the town recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the impact the new ‘safe zones’ have on footfall when they are in operation.

Below you will find key statistics from the last month, and links to previous months dating back to August 2019. Look out also for weekly footfall reports on our facebook page.

*Please note: Our total daily figures include people with smartphones / mobile devices only (which is approx 80% of people based on UK wide stats). So although the daily totals do not account for 100% of people it still provides important infomation allowing us to compare consistent data over any given time.

Latest monthly figures – July 2020

People (+78% on previous month)

Historic footfall