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With Aberystwyth’s businesses making plans to re-open, in recent weeks Advancing Aberystwyth have been supplying FREE Re-opening Protection Kits – including hand sanitiser products, face masks, face shields, and bilingual social distancing notices to its businesses, as a thank you gesture, to help them hit the ground running. Matthew Newbold, Advancing Aberystwyth Manager says: “We are pleased to see our BID area businesses starting to prepare for re-opening and we are proud of the way they have responded to the crisis by both observing the official guidance and by adapting their operations to respond to the situation. So far, over 150 free kits have been delivered directly to our businesses”.

“At Advancing Aberystwyth we have been working hard to support our BID area businesses by not only providing them with these free kits, but also access to free online training. We have also been communicating to them the most current legal, Government, and health and safely guidance, as well promoting the financial support on offer to them. Aberystwyth is a unique place, and we are confident that our town centre will find its stride quickly and we know our businesses will do everything they can to give their customers the confidence to return to their usual routines.  We are also working hard together with Ceredigion County Council to ensure the best measurements are put in place across the town to make sure the visitor experience is as safe an enjoyable as possible.”

Free kits can be ordered from